Walther Electirc Building Walther Electric Inc. is pleased to present the latest member of the ProconboxX family:

The iStart is a forward – reverse motor starter using solid state relays in a self contained IP65 enclosure, allowing for versatility in mounting locations!

Wiring for both direction conditions are already integrated, and by using our proprietary SSR technology we have eliminated the need for dual contactors and mechanical interlocks - thereby reducing both cabinet space requirements and wiring times.

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Rectangular Connectors

Introducing Procon Plastic Series "B" Heavy Duty Connectors



  • Compatible with Aluminum housings series B 6 to B 24
  • Secure grounding
  • Fiberglass reinforced polyamide meets fire protection class rating 94V0
  • Cable strain relief according to DIN EN 50262
  • Protection degree according to DIN 60529, IP65
  • Housings and locking levers made of fiberglass reinforced polyamide
  • NBR gasket (nitrile rubber)
  • Temperature range -40C to 125C

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Walther Electirc Building

Procon™ Heavy Duty Rectangular Connectors Provide error-free connection of multiple wire control circuitry on robotics, machine tools, material handling equipment, conveyers and other electrical and electronic equipment or industrial machinery.

The rapid economic development in the fifties of the past century, especially in the construction of machines and industrial plants required a so far unknown flexibility. Permanent adaption to the latest developments in technology demanded modified or new devices. It soon became obvious that only automated plants could provide the necessary precision and quality. Automated processes within machines and plants required equipment which was able to permanently control the processes and update the measuring data. The wiring systems used previously were no longer able to meet these requirements.

This led to the development of rectangular heavy duty connectors. This type of construction offers the best possible use of space for different contact arrangements which determine the different series. In addition the rectangular form is ideal for an easy and space-saving assembly in machine recesses, in profile steels and switch cabinets.

To receive a complete connector the following components have to be ordered:

Female insert
with screw terminal, crimp-type terminal (please order contacts separately), or insulation displacement technique.

Male insert
with screw terminal or crimp-type terminal (please order contacts separately) or insulation displacement technique.

Low or high version, top or side cable entry, double locking system.

Housing base

  • Panel housings, with or without cover, plastic or metal, single or double locking system.
  • Wall mount housings, low or high version, with or without cover, plastic or metal, single or double locking system, one or two cable entries.
  • Coupler hoods, for flying connections

Different cable glands, separately available protective caps, coding pins and sleeves as well as guiding pins and sleeves for coding.

Within the PROCON multipole heavy duty connector system one housing is not assigned to only one series. It can accomodate female or male inserts of different series. Housings for female or male contact carriers are used instead of plugs and

Therefore in a not completely enclosed environment the designer can place the partly live contacts into a female insert.

The PROCON series differ within their electric rated values. Ratings like rated current, rated voltage, rated surge, pollution degree, contact resistance and temperature range will be determined by the construction of the contact carriers. For details please refer to the specification sheets of the special series. However there are several features regarding the termination methods which apply to all series.

PROCON multipole heavy duty connectors are designed in compliance with:

  • DIN VDE 0627
  • DIN VDE 0110
  • IEC 60 664-1
  • DIN EN 61 984
  • DIN EN 60 529
  • DIN EN 175 301-801
  • DIN/IEC 512.

Advantages of PROCON multipole heavy duty connectors

  • easy operation due toningenious locking technique
  • ergonomically designed handles
  • large wiring space in different housing sizes
  • inserts have contact numbers clearly marked
  • open, captive screws for easy mounting of the contact inserts
  • high-quality powder coating of the housings
  • easy and space-saving assembly in machine recesses, profile steels and switch cabinets
  • fixing dimensions indicated on the base of the housings
  • plant components can be mounted independently at different locations and then be assembled on the spot. All electric connections then only have to be fit together.
  • various coding possibilities available with PROCON multipole heavy duty connectors of matching series and number of poles thereby preventing possibility of wrong connections
  • parts of a system can easily be removed for maintenance or testing at other locations and quickly be replaced as required
  • with PROCON heavy duty connectors the putting into operation of systems onsite can be realized exactly on schedule.
  • quality assurance according to DIN EN ISO 9001
  • made in Germany

Application areas for PROCON multipole heavy duty connectors

PROCON multipole heavy duty connectors are used for control and measuring techniques as well as in the operation of machines and electrical plants. Serving both as current supply and for control functions they are ideal for light and stage applications.

PROCON multipole heavy duty connectors also serve as interfaces for PCs and diagnosis devices to transmit or control operating data.

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Procon heavy duty connectors: Inserts, housings, hoods
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